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DBA serviceWith the evolution of technology, there is a revolutionary change in the industry as a whole. In order to grow, succeed and gain business advantage, it is important that companies continue to modernize.
This is where Distributed Services London Ltd has been helping its customers through each step.  Our DBA services can provide you the exact support coverage you need for the success of your business. We help our clients to minimize their risk and cost, and gain business advantage by implementing solutions with our highly integrated and personalized services.

When it comes to Support, we have always been providing outstanding and customized critical support to all our customers in all the major industries globally.  Whether you need support for an onsite environment or in the cloud or hybrid solution, our experts can provide end-to-end solution at every stage of our customer’s lifecycle and guide you the way you need it, whenever and wherever.

  • 24*7 On phone availability and connectivity
  • Proactive database administration and troubleshooting
  • Communication through any desirable means
  • Customized database monitoring with respect to the specific requirements of your IT infrastructure
Our ON-CALL EXPERT DBAs can sort out the following issues:
  • Availability issues
  • Space issues
  • Locking issues
  • Backup and restore issues
  • Included but not limited database operations like fixing streams, GG, DG, MSSQL AAG
Our Service Desk also connects you with our DBA Experts who can sort out other major issues with respect to the following:
  • Oracle internal errors
  • Performance tuning
  • New installations
  • Migrations
  • Upgrades
  • Consulting
  • Other expert level tasks

All of our solutions and support is integrated with your business requirements. We provide customized support that drives up automation and cost downsizing. While our team of certified DBAs with expertise in high-end NoSQL and MySQL database implementations manage your database services, you can now focus on innovation and improvement. You no more need to hire full-time DBAs or pay extra costs. Our global support and its 24 x 7 availability help us in providing faster resolution to issues.  Our unique advanced support platform helps us provide the best of monitoring, management, migration and provisioning services to our clients.

Need help?

Find it at our specialized Customers Service Desk. We provide you a one-stop, online technical support portal that offers provide proactive database administration and troubleshooting to all its customers. Contact our ServiceDesk team to maximize the performance, accessibility and performance of your Oracle solutions with customized, proactive services and mission-critical support.